There’s nothing like Function Sweet... Anywhere. 

That’s because it’s a brand-new, Townsville-born concept … launched in 2023, tested on humans, and now ready to coach you through some sweet, three-dimensional movement.

We’ve designed these classes to restore and develop your nervous system’s instinctive motor skills … skills that modern life has eroded and that don’t always feature in a workout.

And we’ve honed the class format, so they seamlessly cater to absolute beginners and intermediate students alike. All we ask is that you show up 20 minutes early for your first class for a quick orientation, to help everything run as smoothly as possible.

Function Sweet classes weave true core muscle activation, posture, coordination and flexibility into your workout to create a truly holistic exercise class.

Function Sweet’s unique demand on your core muscles, integrated into complex ‘real-life’ movements, gives you a complete workout with a huge carryover to the demands of your life.

These classes combine strength and endurance with a fine-tuning of your movement skills, optimising joint health, reflexes and biomechanics to make your movement pain-free, smooth and powerful.

*Classes run at 6AM & 5.30PM Wednesdays - If it's your first class... remember to arrive 20 minutes early for orientation!