Sick Of Being Sore?

We’ve been there too... frustrated and searching for that super-skilled therapist who can fix you just like that.

And although Townsville has a wide variety of excellent therapists, there are some things you just can’t rub, click, crunch or needle away.

You can spend a long time in that therapy cycle... but one day you'll realise the same thing that we did...


Most pain and injuries develop slowly over time, a gradual change in your movement control that’s unique to how you’ve used your body over the years. Deep supporting muscles get slack and your posture suffers, putting your joints into poor alignment and increasing your risk of injury.

Luckily, we’ve been down this path ourselves, and we’ve tried and tested what works for neck, hip, shoulder and back pain, to name just a few.

So let us guide you through a short burst of truly personal training, where everything you do is designed to re-engage sleepy muscles, unwind old dodgy movement patterns and build some fresh new ones.

We’ll teach you how to fix the causes of pain and injury, by rebuilding your biomechanics and tuning-up your nervous system’s motor skills.

So book an initial meeting via the form below... let’s redefine your fitness with some movement that matters!

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